“Hipster”, “Hacker”, “Hustler”? I like “Maker”.

[cross-posted from Built in Chicago's blog] I’ve recently seen some articles (in Forbes, VentureBeat, etc.) talking about the magic trifecta of the “hipster, hacker and hustler” founding teams. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 90s but I don’t really like self-limiting labels, as they’ve never served me well and definitely isolated parts of [...]

Kitchen and LR updates …

Ahhhh! Alexis with painter's tape.

Chronological! Getting there… lots of cabinet refinishing and such. Tiring but very satisfying/never-ending DIY project. So much more to do! See this post to know what the ‘before’ was like.

“before” shots of the condo (yuck)


Let the record show, it was kinda ugly.

Spazzy CEO interview.

The first 1/4 will crack you up, and you can almost see my butt when I bend over…. and I sound preposterous and use the term “child prodigy” without the appropriate sarcasm… but hey, here’s an interview with me, the world’s spazziest CEO!    

Cash Monies in 2.25 Days

Crossposted from the Junto blog and Lean Startup Machine: This past weekend I mentored and judged at Lean Startup Machine Chicago (#LsmChicago), and it was an incredible mix of education and competition. Don’t be a vanity startup A ton of future founders (of all talent/skillset varieties) show up at the location, pitch their ideas, and [...]

Startup/Obsessive-Dreamer Must-haves

Action Notebook

I’m leaving out Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone because I’m trying not to bore you. But as I only believe in practical gifts for the holidays (which can mean a wide variety of things depending on the person) practical is what you’re going to get. Most people like me prefer to receive useful things because [...]

A quick thought on materialism

… and when I say quick, I mean more than 140 characters but not a novel by any means. Ahem. Right before Thanksgiving I went to a mall in northern Georgia with my two sisters and my mother. Since this mall doesn’t seem to believe in maps, we managed to stumble into Victoria’s Secret and [...]

Where’s the fun if you don’t get to start over?

I started photographing people when I was very young… before highschool, even. Yes, more than half my life. It was everything to me, being an overly-imaginative kid with crippled hands and a terrifyingly mature work ethic. But by 19 I was burnt out. I “fell out of love” with photography, actually. But while it’s never [...]